This program is delivered virtually, in French and English

WeRise, women leadership program

Although leadership skills are independent of gender, women experience different development challenges and opportunities that might hold them back in their career advancement. They possess distinctive strengths and behaviors that help them early in their careers but can hold them back at a certain level.

We offer a powerful group program to help women access leadership positions. Our program allows women to find their strengths, unleash their potential, and develop their personal branding and career development plan.

What you get

  • A series of 5virtual sessions where you will identify and tackle the habits and challenges most likely to get in the way of a higher leadership position and develop a specific action plan to move forward. 
  • Peer mentoring set-up 
  • 1 (1hour) individual coaching session post-program 
  • 1-hour capstone post-program

Why joining a group program?

Uplifting community support

Not only do you receive help, but you can share your expertise and know-how with others, which feels great!


The group dynamic encourages responsibility – you’ll move faster and more effectively when others help you stay accountable.

Save Money

The group format gives you access to Selfco’s top coaching programs but saves you over 1000 euros on its private one-on-one coaching fee.

Don't Delay

100% of women who took this course recommend it to others.

Spots are limited to 12 participants per group. The next cohort is starting soon!

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What participants said about the WeRise experience

This program has been a tremendous catalyst for my growth & career. I have been able to identify my limitations, eliminate them and move forward. I (almost!) stopped minimising and started claiming my achievements on a much more regular basis. And that made such a huge difference!

Je retiens essentiellement que tout ce qui m'a servi jusqu'à présent peut me freiner dans l'avenir. Ce message arrive à un moment crucial d'un grand changement dans ma vie. J'apprécie d'avoir pris le temps de regarder à l'intérieur de mon cœur !

Ce programme est un moment pour se centrer sur soi, reprendre le sens de qui on est et s'orienter vers le positif.

Offrez-vous un beau cadeau personnel !

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Spots are limited to 12 participants per group. The next cohort is starting soon!