Siham puts her heart and soul into her work. Over the past year, Siham has supported female entrepreneurs through our programs from Morocco to Rwanda. She has an ease of connecting with people even from a computer screen that is rare to find. Siham is not only an incredible coach and mentor in emotional intelligence, but also an expert in operations and HR. Anywhere she goes, she brings with her a calm and encouraging energy that puts an entire room at peace.

Fay CowperNational coordinator @ Douar Tech

Siham has been a tremendous career & life coach for me. She helped me in so many ways and beyond to build my professional path and understand the meaning of living with a true purpose. Her approach to coaching is refreshing, sincere, human, out of comfort zone style and the most efficient I have experienced by far. I genuinely feel blessed to know her. Highly, highly recommended!

Yasmine NoumriBusiness Developer Asia Pacific

L'accompagnement de Siham pour notre projet collectif nous as fait gagner un temps précieux, comprendre des notions qui ne m'apparaissaient pas avant l'accompagnement. Pour moi c'est un passage fortement recommandé à tout groupe voulant commencer un projet avec une base plus solide.

Jonathan BenabedRéalisateur et 3D artiste

Siham a agi, pour notre groupe, comme un révélateur qui nous a permis grâce à ses outils et son coaching de nous poser les bonnes questions. On a avancé beaucoup plus vite grâce à son regard extérieur.

Emmanuel Louisy-GabrielHacker Vaillant

Lot to say… If you are looking to someone able to challenge you and your organisation, think out of the box and be disruptive while being able to impact … Then SIHAM is someone you should connect with ! I had the chance to coach and mentor Siham, and she allow me to grow and think differently 🙂

Sophie GrugierSVP Customer Satisfaction & Quality at Schneider Electric

J'ai eu le privilège d'être coaché par Siham. Ses méthodes et sa générorisité m'ont aidé à comprendre beaucoup d'aspect sur mon parcours et à corriger d'avantage le tir. Une très belle expérience humaine!

Omar BenjellounSerial entrepreneur, founder of Ulili & Ice Maghreb

I had the pleasure of working with Siham during her assignment in Global Procurement at Schneider Electric. At her best, Siham is bright, agile, creative, resourceful, and independent. An avid reader, she has a huge appetite to learn and apply her best self in all the assignments. She is passionate, values-driven and extremely diligent. Siham and I partnered in developing the "How Women Rise" mentoring series for Schneider Electric and this little spark which we started has birthed a global movement/ series across the company. Talented as she is, I am certain that Siham is set up for great achievements as she continues to learn and evolve herself.

Joon TanVP Talent & Learning at Schneider Electric

Je connais Siham depuis plus de 10 ans et j’avais un réel plaisir d’échanger avec elle..toujours juste, constructive et surtout très vraie! Je passais par des moments difficiles et la vie, le hasard a fait que Siham soit mon coach et c’est la meilleure chose qui me soit arrivée ...au fur et à mesure qu’on avançait..j’étais plus sereine, j’avais plus d’assurance...elle m’a aidée à me rendre compte et à mettre des mots sur des situations et des sentiments que je n’osais pas m’avouer ...bref, elle est d’une profondeur, d’une justesse et d’une perspicacité qui ont fait que j’ai vécu “ma transformation” dans les meilleures conditions possibles..alors je dis aux personnes qui vont mener un bout de chemin avec elle qu’ils ont de la chance et qu’ils doivent en profiter au Max ! Merci Siham pour tout et tu resteras à jamais dans mon cœur pour tout et surtout pour m’avoir aidée à m’en sortir à un moment où je n’y croyais presque plus !❤️

Hanane ChariGroup Manager - Akwa Group

I've had the chance to have Siham as my tutor-coach for one year. Humble, authentic, and passionate about developing people, she knew how to guide me to gain confidence, focus and develop my strengths, and be mindful of my behaviors, of my choices. Discussing with her brings energy, joyfulness, and optimism.

Hoang-Anh DarphinHR Professional

I spent 12 months in the same office as Siham. If I had to choose 3 words to define her: Challenging / Mindfulness / Energy. Siham can definitely feel People. She exactly knows what to say to mirror the effect during challenging situations to find innovative solutions. Her energy is powerful and communicative and makes everyone willing to achieve more. Thanks to her, I happened to know myself better and become more and more agile and confident. Thank you!#bestofficemateever

Aurelie ConanGlobal Director at Schneider Electric

Siham a une approche douce dans le ton tout en embarquant des engagements fermes, des challenges qui nous poussent à explorer des recoins abandonnés volontairement ou inconsciemment, une vision externe positive et une reformulation supprimant certains poids tout en ajoutant de la distance quand cela est nécessaire.J'ai apprécié le travail qu'elle m'a fait faire et son accompagnement a été utile et bénéfique. I.B.

I have the pleasure of working with Siham. She is passionate about people, creative, disruptive. Working with her allows me to grow and enables me to see from a different angle and to think differently. She has this natural ability to challenge you that makes you a better version of your (true) self.

Maud André Le SauxGlobal project Director - Schneider Electric

I had had the chance to collaborate with Siham in many projects where she shows a great sense of ownership, dedication, and leadership. Siham is a good team member. She knows how to combine hard work and fun, she’s passionate about what she’s doing.

Imane ZaouiGeneral Business Manager Morocco at Nestlé

I have rarely seen someone as passionate as Siham when it comes to helping people grow. We can count on her to make disruptive proposals without losing focus on the objective. Keep the faith Siham!

Natalya PhilogeneVP Finance at Schneider Electric

I have had the opportunity to see Siham working during a Pro Bono brainstorming session to help an NGO with its communication strategy. She rapidly (and smoothly) took over the moderation of the session emphasizing that before tackling communication we should tackle (marketing) strategy. I really liked the way she went for a "no concession" but in a way that was approved by everyone. She made her case clear and managed to gather everyone around the next steps. She was very knowledgeable but was always empathic with the NGO not pushing her but explaining her where she was coming from. I would highly recommend everyone to review their marketing strategy with her.

Sandrine RambouxFounder of C@rma

Siham is very passionate about people development and coaching. She is well aware of the research, initiatives in these fields and she generously shares her knowledge. Siham listens and asks questions that make you move in the right direction. She does not hesitate to make extra miles to help you.

Julien GoudonGlobal Director at Schneider electric

Siham is Compassionate, attentive, you can tell she walks the talk, passionate, experienced, relatable - shared examples from her personal and professional life, inspires trust and confidence. It could not have been easy to lead such a seminar online but Siham pulled it off brilliantly. I really appreciated the team spirit between Siham and James, we could feel the kindness and support amongst them.

I have met Siham during our coaching journey and I had the chance of knowing her at many levels, but most importantly I had the pleasure of getting coached by her. Above all, Siham striked me as a very intuitive person. She asks the right questions naturally and has always led me to very deep thinking about whatever issue I have at that moment. She helped me to increase my awareness and realize what is the essence. In a world where there is so much nuisance, background noise and so many details, seeing the core of the matter and grasping the essence is crucial for better functioning. Coming from a very rich, international background and with a very interesting personal history Siham is multifaceted and she brings all that diverse and rich energy in to her coaching. Thanks to her wide experience and deep persona she sees and helps you see things on many different levels, which is eye-opening. We tend to surround ourselves with people and viewpoints similar to ours, so having a coach looking from an entirely different perspective is liberating. I strongly recommend Siham as a coach as she is a dedicated professional coach who evokes transformation and helps her clients generate results and have a more balanced life.

Kivilcim KiranMindfulness Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

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