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Team’s collaboration enhancement

Team alignment is a powerful framework based on business model canvas that helps bring team members to the same page. It is made to align teams, increase cohesion and performance, and quickly create a productive team culture.

What you Get

The program tackles team dynamics, communication styles, and a discussion around goals and future vision: people and roles, common & personal goals, purpose, values, team assets and development areas, needs and expectations, rules and activities

Target Audience - Teams
1. Creating a team or a new project team
2. Clarifying goals and addressing team performance
3. Growing and onboarding new team members.
4. General alignment sessions (recommended every 2-3 months).

Languages of delivery



Program Agenda

Intercultural Assessments to get insights about how the team operates as a group

Intercultural assessments restitution with the team using systemic coaching  

3 to 4 hours, depending on the team’s size

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