Search Inside Yourself

Born and tested at Google, Search Inside Yourself (SIY), the mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training experience, is Google's Number #1 leadership program.

This program focuses on developing attention, emotional intelligence, and leadership, and helps individuals, teams, and organizations grow from within and reach their full potential.​

SIY combines traditional mindfulness exercises with modern science. It consists of individual assessments, live experience, and an online follow-up program.


Experience greater overall well-being.

Build resilience in the face of challenges.

Manage stress.

Develop greater self-awareness and emotion regulation.

Develop empathy and communicate more effectively.

Increase focus and attention.

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What participants said about Search Inside Yourself seminar’s co-facilitated by Siham

Faraz and Siham guided our team through a brilliant half day of mindfulness concepts and practices - something I wish we had done much earlier in this year of endless challenges. For me, it was exactly the tonic I needed. I try every day to remind myself of 'SBNRR' - Stop, Breathe, Notice, Reflect, and only then, React. My friends joke that when I drive I am more often 'PBJ' - Pause, Breathe, yell Jackass. We are all works in progress, and thanks to the Search Inside Yourself framework, I feel like I am making real progress!

Darius Darius TeterExecutive Director, Stanford Seed

The course content was fantastic. It helped me see things differently or bring back strengths that I had but maybe wasn’t using to their full potential. I found going into the breakout rooms a challenge, and it was nice to talk to people. The links and slides that were sent by email were very helpful to reflect on during the week. The instructors were very clear, presented the course very well, and also allowed plenty of time for questions during each session. I would definitely like to read some of the books they recommended and would be interested in more events they may run in the future.

I loved the training as it came at a good time to anchor lessons in my new role, reconnect with myself, and connect with my colleagues.

I got a chance to learn about the science behind concepts such as meditation, self-awareness, mindfulness etc. - I met with like-minded individuals and created bonds - I had numerous occasions to share my input and hear about my colleague's thoughts as well.

I connected with awesome people, and that helped me a great deal to sustain my practices. I allowed myself to multiply micropractices when I usually opted for long practices or nothing. I started journaling....finally.

A lot of introspection, opening my mind to see situations from different angles. Felt a spectrum of emotions and started to make peace with some past wounds. Felt connected to people I never met. Learned a lot of techniques I would like to apply in my daily life.

I was feeling blessed to have this learning opportunity and to exchange with beautiful souls. I learnt things that helped me cope with my daily life and that I will do more effort to make them habits and integrated in my lifestyle.

Hands down the micro practices! I got to learn about many techniques to remain mindful despite external chaos without having to "find some time" for lengthy practices. Extremely beneficial to the many of us with hectic lifestyles!

Program Structure

Search Inside Yourself takes an evidence-based approach, combining neuroscience, attention-training, and emotional intelligence. The program provides practical tools that can be applied immediately in your personal life or at work. We start with a foundation of mindfulness, and build the core emotional intelligence domains that lead to outstanding leadership:

SIY starts with a highly interactive live (online or in-person) training followed by a four-week online journey. It is highly interactive, including experiential exercises, dyads, group conversations, attention-training practices, and writing activities.

Live Training

(2 Days)

Experiential training in mindfulness, neuroscience and five emotional intelligence capacities

Virtual Practice

(4 Weeks)

Daily exercises and resources delivered by email to help build new habits.


(1 Hour)

Reconnect with your teachers and group to review and set a plan for continuation.

Feedback from over 6,100 SIY participants shows strong and positive results:

Felt a better ability to reduce stress after the program (vs. 46% before the training).
Reported being able to bounce back from an emotionally challenging situation (vs. 43% before the program)
Noticed an ability to increase focus and return to the present moment (vs. 51% before the program)

A report with data from over 6,100 Search Inside Yourself global program participants demonstrates the positive impact the program has on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience, stress management, empathy, and many more dimensions.

What participants said about Siham as a Search Inside Yourself Teacher

Siham is compassionate, attentive, you can tell she walks the talk, passionate, experienced, relatable - shared examples from her personal and professional life, inspires trust and confidence. It could not have been easy to lead such a seminar online, but Siham pulled it off brilliantly. I really appreciated the team spirit between Siham and James; we could feel the kindness and support amongst them.

I think Siham is great at empowering others. She should develop the visualisation and journalling part. I feel she is a very positive person, and she can turn any negative into a positive and has the skills to help others bring out their dreams and goals. I think she is very understanding and uses her experience to draw out the experiences of others.

She was very sweet, compassionate, and professional during the entire course. Funny and multilingual, she was able to include the Francophones.

Finding power in her vulnerability as she shares with us real-life examples of how this training, and mindfulness in general, helped me cope with life challenges and become a better version of herself. Extremely compassionate and caring, you feel her warmth despite the physical distance.

She knew how to use the common Moroccan culture sometimes to strengthen the bonds without excluding others who were not Moroccans. She was generous in sharing her experiences from the workplace, family, and travels, which made it easy for us to visualize living examples practicing mindfulness in day to day life.

Siham is honest and open about her strengths and weaknesses. This makes her vulnerable and stronger at the same time. I like her posture.

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We offer this successful program to companies in different formats from a half-day to the full 2-day program followed by the 28-day challenge and Capstone Webinar. It is available in-person as well as virtually. Interactive keynotes are possible, too. Let’s talk about how we can best support your organization & measure the results.