Customized Programs

New Manager Onboarding

On-boarding a new manager poses specific organizational challenges. The New Manager Assimilation process facilitates the rapid development of a working relationship between a manager and his/her direct reports.

The program includes

The program tackles team dynamics, communication styles, and a discussion around goals and future vision. Its framework is inspired by the Fwork of John Gabarro, professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at Harvard Business School.

A 3-hour workshop with the new manager direct reports. The agenda for this meeting can be customized based on specific needs.

A 2-hour working session with the new manager to review the insights from the team pre-assessment.

A 3-hour session with the team & new manager for the manager to introduce himself, review all points highlighted during the team’s session. If appropriate, some action planning can be done.

A 2-hour follow up session, 3 months after completion of the program.

Onboarding a new leader?

Let’s talk about customizing this program to support your needs.