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We help you transform the way you live, lead and interact with improved awareness, more significant alignment and purpose-driven actions.

Together we will travel inside yourself

Whether it’s related to your career or your personal goals, we’ll help you craft your own vision for success and create a meaningful life, connected and engaged.

Female Leadership Programs

Our program allows women to find their strengths, unleash their potential, develop their personal branding and career development plan.

Search Inside Yourself

A mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training experience is Google’s Number #1 leadership program.

Career Coaching Programs

Career coaching isn’t just about landing a new job. It’s about discovering what you need in a job to be in the flow and contribute meaningfully.

Leadership Coaching 101

A coaching program tailored for leaders. Build leadership presence and greater emotional intelligence

Clients and Experiences


Emotional & mental healing/ wellbeing/ tools for management

Improved emotional wellbeing

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Better leadership skills

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Improved work satisfaction

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An increased sense of work-life harmony

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Career enhancement

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Better leadership skills

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Leadership Coach & Facilitator for talents and purpose-driven teams | Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher | Co-Active Coach CCPC | Always learning, hungry for knowledge.

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What They’re Saying

I had the privilege of being coached by Siham. His methods and his generosity helped me to understand a lot of aspects on my course and to correct the shot more. A very beautiful human experience!

Omar BenjellounEntrepreneur - creators of Ulili & Ice Maghreb brands

Siham is very passionate about people development and coaching. She is well aware of research, initiatives in these fields and she generously shares her knowledge. Siham listens and asks questions that make you move into the right direction. She does not hesitate to make extra miles to help you.

Julien GoudonGlobal Director at Schneider electric

During the coaching sessions that Siham gave me, I noticed a rare professionalism and kindness. Siham has such a listening ear that it has allowed me to learn to listen to myself. His presence and compassion bring order and calm to my professional uncertainties, but also to my personal tranquility. In addition, she is always smiling and funny so each session is a joy in itself.

Islam HamdouneUniversity student

I've had the chance to have Siham as my tutor-coach for one year. Humble, authentic, and passionate about developing people, she knows how to guide me to gain confidence, focus and develop my strengths, and be mindful of my behaviors, of my choices. Discussing with her brings energy, joyfulness and optimism.

Hoang-Anh DarphinHR Professional

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Weekly insights and inspiration to fuel your development


Weekly insights and inspiration to fuel your development


Weekly insights and inspiration to fuel your development
Book Crush SeriesCareerLeadershipMindfulness
June 2, 2021

Ten must-read books about women written by women

According to neuroscience, reading changes the way our brain works.  We boost our Emotional Quotient by taking the perspective of characters very different from ourselves.…
Book Crush SeriesCareerLeadershipMindfulness
June 2, 2021

You belong by Sebene Selassie

Although we are not one, we are not separate. And although we are not separate, we are not the same. To belong is to experience…
Book Crush SeriesCareerLeadershipMindfulness
June 2, 2021

Apply to that job even if you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications

I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but please apply for that job even if you don't meet 100% of the qualifications,…

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