Selfco is a conscious leadership studio founded by Siham El Fakir.
We partner with talents, leaders, and change-makers to help them develop self-awareness and critical leadership skills, helping them stretch their sightline, get out of their comfort zone, and grow along the way.

The way we work

We understand your needs.

One size doesn’t fit all. We are mindful of your needs and co-design the solution with you.

We design and implement.

We deliver what we co-design virtually or in-person.

We make it stick.

We are there for you, and we will follow up with you to enable sustainable results. 

About the founder

Siham El Fakir

Leadership Coach & Facilitator for talents and purpose-driven teams | Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher | Co-Active Coach CPCC | Diversity & Inclusion Advocate.


hours of individual and team coaching


years experience in business management, human resources & coaching


of coachees recommend us to colleagues and friends

My passion lies in leadership development and nurturing collaborative, diverse, and inclusive environments. My purpose is to help people empower themselves and grow their leadership abilities. I do this by offering transformative leadership programs and individual and group coaching.

I partner with talents to help them develop critical leadership skills, stretch their sightline, get out of their comfort zone, and grow along the way. I also assist organizations through leadership training programs that empower people to show up fully at work and in their lives.

I hold an MBA degree in International Human Resources and bring a unique blend of 15 years of international experience in marketing, communication, and talent management. I also hold a coaching certification from the Co-active Training Institute, the world’s largest coaching school, and am trained as a relationship systems & Intercultural coach. I am also a Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher, a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program developed at Google.

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Seven years ago, as part of a family expatriation to Turkey, I experienced a big challenge. I had changed the country, job, language, etc … without realizing where I was going and preparing myself. Unable to work for legal reasons, I did not know who I was or where to start. I was utterly lost and stuck. So I began to explore: Yoga, mindfulness, breathing, Sufism, and much more. I practiced Yoga and meditation daily for three years. This regular practice allowed me to center and ground myself in my new environment. I needed it badly. I then studied Yoga more extensively in Turkey and India and earned certification as a Hatha Yoga instructor.

That’s when I also discovered professional coaching. Coaching has transformed me. The more I walked with my coaches, the more I opened doors inside myself that I did not even suspect exist.

I trained in coaching with the Coaches Training Institute, an American school recognized by its co-active coaching model that Harvard used to study the impact of coaching on the brain. After obtaining my certification, we moved to Paris, and I chained with an MBA in management of human resources in international companies. In three years, I have experimented with global human resources, international mobility, and talent management and co-designed a women’s leadership program that has helped many women accelerate their careers.

I founded Selfco combining my Marketing, Human Resources, and Coaching expertise to empower individuals and teams to unleash their full potential and reach their goals.

When I'm not working, I'm usually engaged in

  • Reading; I love to read, buy books, talk about them, share them.
  • Developing myself through several practices: meditation, yoga, coaching, conferences, sport …
  • Traveling to discover other cultures, new beaches, and countries.
  • Binge-watching series on Netflix or any other streaming platform.
  • Listening to podcasts, lots of them.
  • Spending time with family and friends.
  • Going to meditation and silent retreats.
  • Walking in Paris, the beautiful city where I live. 


Learning is of my passions. These are some examples of certifications or diplomas I hold

  • Master in Marketing, Master in Communication
  • MBA in Human Resources Management in International Companies
  • Certification in professional coaching by the Co-active Institute – CPCC – and the International Coaching Federation
  • Certification in Intercultural Coaching
  • Trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching – ORSC
  • Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher (a wonderful leadership program developed by Google)
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher certification
  • Currently going through a two-year Mindfulness Meditation
    Teacher Certification Program with Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach

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