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You belong by Sebene Selassie

By June 2, 2021June 8th, 2021No Comments

Although we are not one, we are not separate. And although we are not separate, we are not the same. To belong is to experience joy in any moment: to feel pleasure, dance in public, accept death, forgive what seems unforgivable, and extend kindness to yourself and others. To belong is also to acknowledge injustice, reckon with history and face our own shadows.” 

I’m an avid reader and have this KPI of reading 52 books yearly – one book per week. In 2020, I ended up reading 51 ☺️, traveling the world through stories. I loved discovering new & diverse voices, challenge and expand my perspectives. 

This book is on my Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training reading list and came to me at the right moment, as said in the video 🙏🏼. What a heart and mind opener! 

Sebene Selassie is a wonderful dharma & meditation teacher; you can find her on the 10% happier app/podcast.

PS: 3 times cancer survivor and not 4.

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